Vertex Diamond Tool Inserts

PCD Form Tools, Diamond-Tipped Inserts, Form Tools, and More

Vertex Diamond Tool provides superior PCD form tools. We can produce virtually any PCD cutting tool with concave geometry as required for your application. Our tools feature excellent edge quality and maximized tool life. Show us your existing tool, and we'll produce a new one to match your precise specifications.

PCDN Mills

We offer customized mills for use in the composite industry and aluminum industries. You're sure to appreciate having 10 times longer tool life than carbide tooling. Custom shank sizes and configurations are available. End cutting mills are also available and can be priced upon request. Our customization options are practically endless, and bulk orders are available.

PCD-Tipped Drills

Our company proudly offers quality PCD-tipped drills for use in the aluminum and composite industries. Our solid carbide drill bodies offer extended tool life. Typical orders are 5 to 10 drills; however, we can fulfill bulk orders.

High Precision Machining

Standard and Custom Diamond Tipped Inserts

Extend the life of your tool with our diamond inserts. Add a diamond tip to a carbide insert or allow us to replace, remake, or re-tip your tooling. Tools must be shipped to us for coating. Resurfacing services are available.

Standard Single Point Diamond Dressers

These common standard configuration diamond tools must be selected properly. Grade, the size of your grinding wheel, finish requirements, and material to be ground, as well as your machine requirements and the expertise of your operators all play an important role in proper diamond tool selection. Personal preference, past experience, and diamond tool supplier also play key roles in deciding which diamond tool is right for your job.

We do not offer a recommended diamond size chart as they no longer seem applicable in actual practice. Our team recommends that your experience and ours be combined to obtain the optimum tool for your application. Our more than 40 years of sorting diamonds enable us to offer you quality single point tools at reasonable prices. Resurfacing is available upon request.